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      Dalian CBAK owns the most advanced test laboratory in domestic lithium battery industry, power battery safety and reliability laboratory, as well as the testing capacity of all test items of UL and QC/T 743. Our R&D instruments mainly include: Brookfield rotary viscometer, Carle Fischer moisture test equipment, carbon sulfur analyzer, digital tautness meter, digital microscope, various power battery test cabinets, high-low temperature test chamber, temperature shock test chamber, constant temperature humidity chamber, acceleration impact test equipment, drop test equipment, vibration test equipment, short circuit test equipment, overcharge test equipment, heavy impact test equipment, extrusion test equipment, pin-prick test equipment, incineration test equipment and data acquisition units, etc., which provide strong support for R&D and makes it possible to carry out comprehensive analysis and research of the physical and chemical parameters of lithium-ion power batteries, as well as the detection and evaluation research of their electrical property and safety performance.

Safety performance test equipment:

Electrical property test:


      The advanced automated production line of Dalian CBAK is made through the cooperation between CBAK technical team and foreign manufacturers, which gives consideration to the degree of automation and input cost and enjoys Chinacharacteristics. The production line is in the international leading level, and equally matches the production capacity of Japan and Korea.

      Through the cooperation with A123, CBAK has become the first enterprise which introduced the cathode material lithium iron phosphate in China, and has become the first one which achieved the industrialization of lithium iron phosphate in the world. The first 18650 production line in China was introduced by CBAK which is the first manufacturer of 18650 battery; the product entered the PC power supply market successfully. CBAK applies the lithium batteries characterized by high energy density, excellent safety performance and easy to scale production into new energy vehicles, and has reached development strategy with a number of well-known automobile enterprises. Our mature R&D system process and production process provide strong support for R&D, making the company always walk in the forefront of scientific and technological innovation and lead the development of lithium industry in China.